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“Jeffrey has been our drill writer for the last 4 years, and in that span the band has seen unprecedented success. Jeffrey’s drill has the rare ability to put the band in a position to maximize the visual effect caption while staging the wind players for maximum music performance potential. I have not only witnessed his effect on our organization but on those around us. I firmly believe Jeffrey is one of the most talented young drill writers in the country, and the successes of all of his clients bare witness to that. Beyond his talent, Jeffrey understands the demands on a band director and is always available and timely with his drill. I would recommend him to any colleague and have done so on many occasions!”

“Jeffrey has designed our drill for several years. Everything he has written for us is like he was seeing things through the eyes of a musician. The drill has excitement, clear visual stages and is always playable. In todays world of Pyware, a lot of the drill writers out there forget that the dots are real people that have to be able to play.  Luckily for my program, Jeffrey gets it. I’ve appreciated the relationship that I have built with Jeffrey and enjoy watching as he continues to get better and better with every year.”

“Jeffrey is one of the most creative and innovative visual designers in the activity today!  Barely 30 years old, he has designed three shows that have won the ultra-competitive, large school class at Kentucky State Marching Band Championships.
He genuinely and passionately loves the marching activity in all its forms and he is tireless in his efforts to grow within the activity. His energy and passion for marching band literally knows no limits.
He has demonstrated, time and time again, that he is completely committed to those for whom he writes, and devotes himself tirelessly to giving each of his clients the very best product available. His work compares very favorably, both in quality and timeliness, to that of his contemporaries that charge thousands of dollars more.  Most important of all, he will give you, and your students, a product worthy of the hard work inherent to the activity. His drill designs and visual creativity were a determining force in helping me and my students achieve our wildest dreams!”

“I Learned of Jeffrey from a friend of a friend. I started watching some of his work and decided to call him up which eventually led to a working relationship. I have been a director of bands for over 15 years and in the last two years, I have never been more pleased in a product or the professionalism that Jeffrey has given to me and my program. His understanding of the marching arts is current and it shows in his work. I’m extremely happy with my decision of hiring Jeffrey and I would recommend him to anybody.” 


Jeffrey Thompson is a visual designer, adjudicator and instructor for the marching arts activity. His love for music and the marching arts began at a young age when he and his father would travel across the country to attend Drum Corps shows each summer. The impact of sound and artistry experienced at these shows would later become the driving force behind his love and passion for the marching arts, that is apparent in his work to this day. 


As a student of visual design, Jeffrey has spent years learning from and working alongside his mentor, Leon May (Boston Crusaders). The knowledge gained from this relationship has helped forge a pathway to competitive success for Jeffrey’s designs, which have medaled in BOA regionals, BOA Grand Nationals (2021 Class 2A Grand National Champion) and numerous State Championships throughout the country. Within the indoor activity, Jeffrey’s designs have medaled in several different classes across the different platforms and circuits. 


Outside of the marching realm, Jeffrey holds a bachelors degree in Business Mgt. from Eastern Ky. University and a Masters of Arts in Education (LBD) from Georgetown College. In his free time, Jeffrey spends time with his two dogs or explores the local scene (and local brews) with his wife, Jessica.



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visual designer
JT drill designfaded.gif